Classes: Religious Studies

REL 1034: Religion and the Modern World

Modern challenges to traditional religion and responses to these challenges, including conservative, liberal, and radical responses; science and religion; issues of race and gender; church and state issues. Previously taught as 1025. (3H,3C). I,II.

REL 2234 (WS 2234): Women, Ethics, and Religion

Women's religious ethical formation; the roles and understanding of women in traditional and major modern religious traditions; authoritative writings and practices of various traditions as they focus on issues of sex and gender; gynocentric methods of study of women, ethics, and religion; feminist and womanist approaches to liberation and social change. (3H,3C).

REL 2734 (AFST 2734) (WS 2734): The Black Woman in the U.S.

The emerging womanist perspective of "interstructured oppression" (i.e., the simultaneous effects of racism, sexism, and classism) as relevant to the contributions of Black women in the United States of America; views of Black women from African backgrounds, the Atlantic slave trade, and the progressive rise of womanist/feminist liberation movements in Black culture; contributions of Black women in the U.S. and globally. (3H,3C).

REL 4324 (HUM 4324): Topics in Religion and Culture

Selected topics from the religions of the world such as time and the sacred, preliterate religions, women and religion, religion and science, mysticism. May be taken three times for credit with different topics. Pre: 3 REL credits. (3H,3C).