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Community-Based Natural Resources Management Project (CBNRM)

Year: 1994-2001
Grant #: USAID Mission, Senegal Cooperative Agreement 685-0305-A-4211-00
Grant Amount: $3,503,883
Location: Senegal

The Community-Based Natural Resources Management Project (CBNRM) in Senegal was led by Virginia Tech, with SECID as the prime contractor. This project was viewed as a cutting edge natural resource management project that served as a model for effective decentralized and participatory NRM strategies for countries throughout the region. CBNRM sought to increase community participation at the Communauté Rurale (CR or Rural Community) level and lower in the identification, planning, use, and conservation of natural resources, with emphasis being placed on reinforcing existing political, research, extension and non-governmental institutions in order to transfer needed NRM technologies to target populations, including women, in rural areas through participatory means. CBNRM worked in some 20 dispersed CRs around the country. Under SECID/VT leadership, locally-elected representatives formed Natural Resource Management Committees to develop and implement community-based Land Use Management Plans (LUMPs). The committees were composed of community leaders representing farmer, livestock, artisanal, parent associations, women, youth, NGOs, and local economic interests. Committee members were provided with extensive training in NRM planning, leadership and communication, and financial management.

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