IPM Scoop

Quick stories relating to the IPM Innovation Lab.

  • Spread of Tuta absoluta, the South American tomato leafminer:

    A tiny moth no bigger than an eyelash has become a serious threat to the world’s tomato crop since it left its place of origin – South America – in 2006. Experts believe that it traveled to Spain in an unsuspecting horticultural collector’s luggage. From there it has spread throughout Europe, jumped the Mediterranean to […]

  • Director forms working group on invasive species:

    At the August meeting of the International Plant Protection Congress in Berlin, IPM IL director Muni Muniappan called for the formation of a working group on the invasive species Tuta absoluta – the South American tomato leafminer.

  • IPM IL wins plant protection award in Berlin:

    The opening ceremony of the International Plant Protection Congress prompted a proud moment for the Virginia Tech-led Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab. The IPM IL was presented with the International Plant Protection Award of Distinction, Monday, August 24, at the opening ceremony of the congress in Berlin.