IPM Scoop

Quick stories relating to the IPM Innovation Lab.

  • Morning pears with a booklouse:

    Advancing technology has indisputably sharpened the tools of scientific inquiry. The most powerful telescope can see 15 billion light years away, particle accelerators can drive a proton to the speed of light in a matter of hours, and the newest microscopes have a resolution that’s more than 20 million times that of human sight. These incredibly […]

  • The Death’s Head Moth and other new additions to Muni’s growing insect collection:

    IPM Director IPM Innovation Lab has an ever-growing insect collection.  He travels all over the world for workshops and conferences, and he takes his net with him everywhere he goes. Earlier this month, he spent some time in Niger, where he was working with the The Sorghum and Millet Innovation Lab on the biological control of […]

  • International Agriculture Development — Now in Color!:

    Imagine you’re a farmer growing fruit on steep mountainous slopes. It’s hard work; you wake before dawn and spend most of the day on terraces and hillsides, tending to your crop. But things are getting harder. Your country’s population is increasing, and more people are moving to the hills to farm. The climate is changing, […]