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US Consortium Partners

Below are details about the stateside partners in our consortium and the primary project contacts at each institution. Their contributions are essential to offering a complete agricultural portfolio across all domains of expertise.

To view more information about our partners in Senegal, click here


Brent Simpson (bsimpson(at) is the MSU project contact.

Brent is currently an associate professor of agricultural economics who has worked on numerous projects throughout the world. His current in the African studies center in the department of international studies and programs where he specializes in the study of technology transfer. In addition to his primary duties, he also participates in the MSU global observatory for ecosystem services.

His university contact information is here.


Boris Bravo-Ureta (boris.bravoureta(at) is the UConn project contact.

Boris is a tenured professor in agricultural and resource economics with technical expertise in production systems. Since August 2008, he has served as director of the learning for international development (LID) program at UConn. With the ERA project, he has provided invaluable assistance in work on our strategy regarding the local labor supply.

His university contact information is here.


Jane Frankenberger (frankenb(at) is the Purdue project contact.

Jane is a professor of agricultural and biological engineering and the responsible party for the Purdue University cooperative extension program in soil and water engineering.  Currently, her research focuses on watershed management, nonpoint source modeling, and water and nitrate flux to subsurface drainage tiles.  In the context of our project, she has provided technical assistance with GIS work.

Her university contact infomation is here.


Ntam Baharanyi (baharany(at) is the Tuskegee project contact.

Ntam is a professor and extension administrator at the George Washington Carver agricultural experiment station (GWCAES) specializing in agricultural economics.  He also is acting director of the Tuskegee cooperative extension program.  His work has focused on rural development, and his university has hosted several recent short term technical trainings for Senegalese project participants.

His university department's contact information is here.