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École Nationale Supérieure d'Agriculture

École Nationale Supérieure d'Agriculture – Thiès

The National Advanced School for Agriculture, or ENSA for short, is one of the two major training centers affiliated with the University of Thies.  The new site, which constructed in 2006, is dedicated to applied research in agriculture that takes into account all aspects of agricultural development – from science and technology to social and environmental factors, though the school itself is older.  Its work has pioneered unprecedented levels of private sector collaboration and technology transfer within its zones of intervention, and our project has based many of our efforts at training and outreach out of this center.  In addition, along with UZIG, ENSA is one of the schools targeted for extensive private sector collaborative work.  All of these factors are among the many reasons that we’re proud to have ENSA as one of our partners in the framework of our project. 

ENSA is a participant in ERA's collaborative research program.
Explore ENSA's Improved Millet Production Project

Administrative Contact Address

Dr. Abdoulaye Dieng: Director of ENSA
Ecole National Supérieur d'Agriculture (ENSA)
Bureau du Directeur
BP A296 Thiès, Sénégal

Tel. : +221 33 939 5925

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