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Current Events

Finalization of Facilities Renovation Plan (Jul)

Currently in process, the project's facilities renovation plan with infrastructure consulting firm iDEV is in process of being evaluated for feasibility. The program management unit is currently working with a consulting architect, representatives of iDEV, and members of our technical working groups to prioritize facilities interventions before construction begins in FY 2014.

Field training and curriculum development trip by Ozzie Abaye (Jul 9-Aug 2)

Dr. Ozzie Abaye is currently in Senegal to assist the project with several major initiatives. Her time is being split between Toubacouta, several villages surrounding Thies, and three of our partner schools where she will be organizing workshops on grassland conservation, youth outreach, and curriculum development.

Ongoing EFL training for 2nd wave of US-bound scholarship recipients (Jul)

Finalists from all over Senegal have been selected for a second round of scholarship programs bound for our consortium schools in the United States. Planning is currently underway for English as a foreign language training to be conducted in Senegal using distance learning tools and facilitators from both the US and Senegal.

Upcoming Activities

Facilities evaluation trip by Peter Ozolins (Jul 27-Aug 3)

Peter Ozolins, Architect, will be visiting five of our project partners in Senegal to review the environmental assessment and construction plans developed by the consulting firm, iDEV. He will design, with the ERA program offices, an implementation plan that maximizes the local impact of these construction proposals for our partners. 

Executive Leadership and AKIS Study Tour to the US (Sep)

The ERA project is in the process of preparing for a study tour for the top-level players in the Senegalese agricultural system. Participants, who will include university rectors, research directors, government policy advisors, and leaders of the private sector will travel to the US for working sessions with the USDA, the World Bank, and IFPRI APLU in Washington as well as intensive workshops on the land grant system at Virginia Tech and the University of Connecticut. Needless to say, this trip holds the potential to influence agricultural policy in Senegal for years to come!

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