OIRED: Our International Mission

The Office of International Research, Education, and Development (OIRED) links Virginia Tech to the world. We work to support the university’s international mission by leading projects that raise the standard of living in developing countries, partnering with more than 80 universities and institutions around the world.


With a research grant portfolio of over $100 million in 44 countries around the globe—from Nepal to Uganda to Bolivia—OIRED manages projects in forestry and natural resource management, integrated pest management, sustainable agriculture, watershed management, capacity-building in education, and micro-enterprise development. Most of these ventures are funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Current project initiatives include building institutional capacity at two universities in South Sudan, reducing the harmful use of pesticides in West Africa, and developing systems for conservation agriculture around the world.

Fulbright Program for Faculty

The Fulbright program gives American students and faculty the opportunity to study or conduct research in over 100 different countries around the world. The program is sponsored by the United States Information Agency in cooperation with U.S. embassies and international Fulbright commissions and foundations. The program is designed to give recent graduates, doctoral candidates, and young professionals opportunities for personal development and international experience.

Graduate Certificate in International Research

The Graduate Certificate in International Research allows graduate students already working towards a graduate degree to attain special recognition for work in international development. The specialization provides guidance in the choice of electives, course alternatives within the discipline, and thesis topics. It is designed to broaden students' academic experiences while enabling them to better face international challenges.

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